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Big Brother Australia 2021: Final 3 (contains spoilers)


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Honestly, him making F3 gives me slight hope for the series.

Despite being setup as a villain, Dan emphasising playing hard in his teaser might mean we might see some real gameplay this year in order for him to get to the end.

Either that, or everyone thinks he’s kindof a dick and drag him to the end because they know he can’t win, urgh


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I wonder if Jayne refers to Sarah Jane? If so, I'd say Marley is the odds on favourite for me at the moment.

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I wonder if Jayne refers to Sarah Jane?
I suspected this back when it was first leaked, however I have deduced that this won't be the case. Sonia referred to her as "SJ" in an interview, so I suspect this is her common name in the house as not to be confused with another HM actually called Jayne.

Plus, she doesn't appear in any promo clips after a certain point.