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Big Brother 2020: House


Bucking the system
Had a walk around the house today and all remains largely in tact except for the front facade

I'm intrigued as to if these de-mountables have camera access to the brown shed windows

3571857 800.jpgBigBroNorthFortMTRXgfy-001 crop zoom.jpg


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I wonder if they will leave it set up for the live finale at the end of July? Even if most of the house is stripped but the main living room and studio remain kitted out?


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I'm intrigued as to if these de-mountables have camera access to the brown shed windows

That would be a ghetto ass camera run setup lmao. They'd have to put holes in the demountable and replace the panes with one-way mirrors.


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Also, some trivial but possibly mildly interesting info:

My granddad has been talking about how he helped build the two main sheds in the mid-90s as part of his community service. Apparently they were originally used to store cannons from the Vietnam war, and the smaller shed was built later.

So, the Big Brother house is in a Vietnam war cannon shed built by criminals 🤣


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Maybe there be like an eviction chute and once a person is evicted they'll get put in a chute, a button is pressed, and they end up in I don't know.... Antarctica


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i walked all around the outsie of the compound the other day and was suprised that the backyard...well, sideyard...was so tiny.
my court yard is bigger


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Don't really think we need the attitude or the sassy comments.

However it can't be. Look at the height of that shed you're claiming? Its too high and the beams in that shed match the ones of the main house. They are the same style structure.That shed is almost the same size of the house, the challenge arena doesn't look anywhere near that big?

View attachment 55294
Another shot of the challenge arena. You can see the trusses across the top in red aren't that steep which match the smaller shed and not the profile of the other larger one. The width of this doesn't match what you're saying.

The photo you posted of the Challenge Arena appears to be The Artillery Gym, which is large and has a mezzanine. The gym is "Building 17", and is "located south of Building 1", which is also listed as being available for hire, and is none of the 3 sheds mentioned in this thread. It looks like it's located waaayy to the north, up here, do you agree? This is the exterior, as close as I can get, showing the windows which match the interior. I think the scale of the building is misleading in your pic.


artillery gym 2.jpg artillery gym.jpg artillery gym windows.jpg

(Apologies if this is already common knowledge, I don't follow what's posted here often.)