Betting Odds 2014


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Nah I still think Ryan has it in the bag, social media all day has him crushing it. All day he has consistantly been #1 on the radar (lol), facebook likes are neck and neck with Travis but twitter and I think instagram pic likes were 400-500 more likes ahead of Skye. Very rarely is social media wrong, betting is quite often wrong.

I think the change in bets is a flurry of nervous punters thinking the biggest face of the series will win similar to Tim but Skye is way more disliked than him, it will be a quieter winner this year...Ryan still wins...
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@JordanS i reckon thats just so it doesn't close automatically when they have time to make a few more dollars. Someone will have to close the market manually. Pleaseeeeeee Ryan get up!


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Wow the odds have changed like crazy throughout the show. If someone had placed equal bets on each when they were above 3.00 that would have been guaranteed profit!


...TRUMP 2020..

Ryan 1.90
Skye 2.95
Travis 4.00

^ final odds

Thank you travis for not saluting

My jocks were up my crack as if Ryan was farewelling an evictee in the honor circle with other housemates

$600 on ryan over various accounts recovered my skye bets + saw finale profit of $115

So have finished in front for 2014

The bookies know


back the faves 90% of time u eating n drinking like a king[DOUBLEPOST=1417004304][/DOUBLEPOST]
Lol @ Skye backers :roflmao:


Unless you took skye weeks ago at long odds and HEDGED your bets on Ryan to win

Thank u travis not costing me $1