Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 7 Discussion (15 November, 7:30pm)

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I would have preferred it if the first fake eviction was one of the nominees, and the second was anyone.
That would have wiped some of the smug off Jessika's lips.


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lel. “Big Brother Confidential”.

Is that a reference to the Nine-era of the show? 🤔
Have no memory of that show. Think it was the following year they did "Late Night Feast" for a few weeks which was the closest we got to relatively raw footage of the housemates just being themselves.


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I actually enjoyed tonight's show. Jessika and Dayne's tiff about instagram was the closest thing we've gotten to non-game related conflict since BB2014. I really wanted Dayne to go tonight he's yuck, so what if people worry about their insta followers? For some people it is their income, With a fake double this would mean though that we need a proper double in order to reach 3 for Tuesday's finale? And I wonder if for the finale they just pre recorded 3 different endings of each finalist being announced as the winner as a COVID safe measure instead of a live finale.


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Probably as can't see them doing it live. Hate shows that do that though - the winner should find out they've actually won in front of the TV cameras, not in front of the television watching at home.

Talking of which are they giving any contributions to charity for those that don't win?


For the first time I prefer to know the outcome before I watch, do I approve of the eviction, usually yep
Watched live last night, was good, then crap
Back to delayed.....and Luke had better be safe and win😊
He remains my interest for viewing
I can’t stand Ellie and her attitude to being nominated, hope Jess beats her