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BBAU One-Liners

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Thought this might be a fun little thread idea...

What quotes or one-liners can you think of that stand out and have become synonymous with Big Brother Australia?

Off the top of my head:
  • "Do you realise the extent of your charisma?"
  • "I don't want to go back to my life."
  • "Bugger!"
  • "As we cross to the house, quiet as a mouse."
  • "Everyone in my head please be quiet."
  • "What does naive mean?" ... "Like, a little clueless." ... "I love that movie!"
  • "Game on, moles."
  • "I'm the token farmer and the token gay guy."
  • "Listen mate, if you're gonna tell me when I've worked on a show for six years that we have edited something, I'd like to know who told you that."
  • "There's a robber! There's a f**king robber!"
  • "If you want to pinpoint me as some loudmouth Darwin girl you ain't seen nothin' yet, right?"
  • "I am not crying!"
  • "Get this stupid program off the air."
  • "It's not Centrelink, there's no handouts here."
  • "It's time to go..."
  • "...and here's your host Gretel Killeen!"
  • "Dreamworld, the home of Big Brother."
Any season, any context, any line - fire away!


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It's not really a one-liner, but I miss the original eviction announcement from Big Brother.
"<name>, you have been evicted. You have 30 seconds to leave the house." - then a countdown, and even a siren sound.
It really created a sense of urgency to get out of there.


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"If you think your Australian, become an Australian citizen!"

oh my goodness, I nearly forgot all about that fight!! That was Paul and Merlin! Someone did a mash-up to some music if I’m not wrong? With Ash saying stuff too. Can anyone remember, and got a link?
In BB2013 when Tim yelled “Someone get me a bucket” when BB was exaggerating Drew and Jades fake marriage.


I think I needed a bucket watching that too.

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Tim's dad: The public are becoming very bore-Ed. He talks about having his cards that he intends to play at the right time, but I think he's lost his cards, and needs to be evict-Ed, so that he can buy some more cards, but it would be too late because by then his time in the house will have end-Ed...
Big Brother: Your nomination is accept-Ed...


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"Nobbi in the combi"
"Uplate brain teaser"
"Wheel of crap"
"Flying under the radar"
"Housemates are on staples"
"Oats a la Layla"

Also maybe "Cray Cray"? lol

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rebecca to the house on day 5: “i love you guys and you’re really starting to become like my family.”

emma, bitching later: “you love us? i don’t love you, i don’t even know you. where do you live? who are you? what’s your mobile number? do i have your email address? do we like hang out? no.”