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Episode BBAU 2023 - Episode 5 Discussion

What did you think of the BB Express Train gag last week?

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    Votes: 12 44.4%
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    Votes: 10 37.0%
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    Votes: 5 18.5%

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I agree that this is likely the case. I don't think Annelise rejecting Luke actually played a part in him agreeing with Graciemae to nominate her. I think he didn't even realise that she would think about how it would look until it was pointed out to him later on.

I feel Annelise was just annoying the other housemates in general all the way back to the first episode when she was constantly whinging on the train. Then she saved herself and forced everyone to give up their clothes which probably pissed people off as well. There is a reason she was evicted with such a large number of votes, she was just disliked in general by the majority of the housemates.

I completely agree with this. She's obviously very high maintenance. And Luke's no genius so yeah, he didn't really think about the optics of nominating her.
Annelise wasn't smart enough to figure out what Lewis and Gracie Mae figured out very early and that's being in a pair is very valuable this season. People don't want to piss off the other partner, so those who are being nominated as actual contenders to go home are the singles so far. She didn't have to be romantically involved with Luke, but agreeing to pair up in the game would have kept her safe at least one more round.

TBF Luke played it very badly as well. He shouldn't have directly asked her to go on a date I don't think.
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