BBAU 2022: Your pre-recorded opinions


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"Wow. I never saw that twist coming".


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Can I post what I think will happen even after the first two episodes?

At least to the players I know?

Tully - will not be able to handle it and may have some PTSD from her first go round. I hope it’s it cheating but I looked at her Instagram and she has a hot boyfriend who I don’t think she brought out just for Big Brother. Without an alliance with Drew, she won’t make it long - she has no strategy and she’s not that charming or likable.

Maybe she makes it a few evictions if there are bigger threats.

Drew - people will be annoyed by him with Sam after watching him in action before. Without Tim’s antics and public voting, I don’t know how long he will last. Maybe if the newbies like Sam they will keep him in. Plus he gets along well with people. I think the new guys will not want him taking their screen time. Maybe middle of the game?

Reggie - no one is going to nominate the blind lady who seems to be beloved by Australia. She’s not a physical threat and she has the personality Australians love to reward. She’s the only one I see potentially making final three. Tim seems already close to her so if she follows his strategy, she and he will be going far.

Tim - I want him to win but the fact he couldn’t carry the first boot makes me doubt his power with the newbies. When Drew and Tully arrive, he will have a stronger base. Tim is charming and could make a living off reading situations and people. He seems close to Reggie.

I predict he goes far but the newbies don’t want him to win twice.

Estelle- I don’t know her except from her posts here. For some reason, she was the first target, I’m not sure why. I can’t imagine she lasts too long. Sad to say.

Farmer Dave - why was Estelle a target over him? Do they not want to vote out the first gay guy? I have no read on him.
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