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Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 1 Discussion (9 May, 7:30pm)

What are your overall expectations for this season of Big Brother?

  • It will be Amazing

    Votes: 21 32.8%
  • It will be Awful

    Votes: 7 10.9%
  • It will be Mixed

    Votes: 36 56.3%

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I too wonder what the deal is with the intro package? Already feeling so many of my story lines are just going to be cut.. ugh
I'm guessing it's quite different being in there knowing it's not being broadcast as you live it.

Episode 1 ratings:


#14 for the night and won the 16-39 and 18-49 demos

Given where BBVIP landed that's not as bad as it looks. However as the trajectory is usually down they'll soon be in BBVIP territory.

This. Reggie and Tim would be the two biggest draw cards for the switched off viewers. The producers will be keeping them around at least long enough that viewers have had the chance to get invested in watching the season without those two on it.
Even putting aside the issue of fairness though the problem is the more producers blatantly do to save them the less invested in watching the season people will be.
I'm guessing it's quite different being in there knowing it's not being broadcast as you live it.
I was thinking about this last night. This format robs HMs exiting the house to adoring masses (or haters). You go in as a nobody, and can make it right to the end and come out as a nobody. That really robs the HMs of that experience, just so that Seven can save a few bucks.

And yes, I don't care how many Instagram followers anyone has, you're still a nobody to me.
Episode 1 wasn't too bad, the preview for episode 2 on the other hand..... Josh is an asshole but the show needs him at this point I'd say. But if it's all going to be him and Drew and Sam it's going to get incredibly boring quickly.
Who was the best ever intruder?
Kieran in 2002 was bloody fantastic. Unfortuantely it was just too early for an intruder to have an actual chance. Otherwise obviously Vesna and Zack by far of those who did well.
Even putting aside the issue of fairness though the problem is the more producers blatantly do to save them the less invested in watching the season people will be.
Just more evidence that the producers should just leave things well alone and not over produce a show that can be entertaining without being as overproduced as they have made it over the years. - you look at how many people are watching hours of court footage of body guards and psychologists etc giving evidence in the Heard/Depp case - people will lap up unedited, live footage if it is interesting to them.
Ok the ads got me here, hopefully the show is good and I make it to the end.

Thoughts as I watch:

The crowd noises when HMS enter the house are dubbed... Right?
BB must have the same editors as survivor. Lots of HMS not getting any real introduction.
Lots of questions from Sonia to HMS if they are single. I guess that's always been a thing.
HMs that know each other from the outside... Been there done that. Not sure if that was intentional on BBs part, but it's been done and is boring
So excited for Regge, Dave and Tim. Estelle not so much... Should have put salad fingers in instead.... Or Ben.
Icebreaker challenge, looks like the ice melted before the challenge. You can see when Johnston is sitting on the plank.
Tim is right, half these people were terrible in the challenge.
This is my first channel seven Big Brother. So is the game play the same as US BB? Winner of he challenge get to nominate 3 people, but there is no HOH? Is there a veto? And the HMs vote to evict? I guess I'll find out.

Not a fan of the J squad. I hate all one gendered alliances. All girls nominated.
Reggie "so tonight one of them is going?" Me " really so soon, it's the first episode!!"
Surprise surprise.... Looks like luilui is going to be the first one out.
Here we go Sam is outing herself about her knowing Josh... Why?
On an ad break and the OG hMs are deciding whether to cancel the eviction... I would. It saves Lui Lui and screws the J squads plans.
Yes!!!! Eviction has been cancelled!!!

Now onto the next episode
Thank you, yes it's been a long time. Keen to catch up on the episodes so I can chat along with everyone in the episode threads.
Glad to see you back. I came back to watch Tim and Drew and Tully this season.
Finally watched it. I was entertained, but the obligatory, the episode is too long, yet I'd prefer more time in shorter episodes.

Dave and Tim are great. Reggie is once again, "how can she be real." Estelle was fine, but I was a big fan of hers on her season.

Eye rolls at "da boi's" forming a click already.

Ice Breaker game was great. The physical challenge thing was meh.

Episode was a bit slow to start.

Another year, another shiny lenticular dress for Sonia.

"I have watched every episode of Big Brother"
*I don't recognise any of those housemates."
"Estelle she's OG!"

Felt sorry for Lulu. She seems sweet.

House is a mix of generic and decent. Interesting to spot the pot plants in the backround.
For anybody curious about this airing across multiple channels at the same time...

(The 7mate first two minutes was also aired on 7two and 7flix at the same time)
On a side note, thank fuck for the fans who recorded and preserved the older series even if low quality. That's crazy that the majority of archive footage they used came from the fan copies that have circulated around the internet. Do they have no official archives of these shows, were they never digitised, or is 7 just too cheap/lazy?
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