Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 1 Discussion (9 May, 7:30pm)

What are your overall expectations for this season of Big Brother?

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Was a pretty good episode but not to the levels that Rob McKnight was gushing about in his review. Still same problems with the channel 7 era that the editing is shit and just proves we need the show to be live and have live feeds to be able to understand the housemates better not a producer highly edited show filmed months in advance. Honestly only thing making me not want to switch off is the royalty housemates as they provided a lot more entertainment and I suspect the edit will focus a lot around them as the newbies will get shafted unless they are big personalities.


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Overall, pretty good first episode. I noticed my interest waning during Strat chat and eviction protocols. I was absolutely captivated in the first hour watching everyone chat and get into all fun and games.
Yeah I really miss the first episodes of old where we get introduced to everyone and didn't jump straight into things.

It's got me in for the season though.


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New housemates are underwhelming at best and trash at worst. Loved seeing the old housemates though. Found that really entertaining. Loving Dave and Reggie. So old school.

Now that the season has started, however, I am even more disappointed that Paul and Vesna aren't on this. Paul would have eaten Josh alive!


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Nuts how the new housemates arrived in a group of 4 at the end.

At least we got some old sound bytes of the theme song.


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Sounds like it's the same old shit, different season and that the producers are still taking the audience for mugs in the way things are edited. Just not going to waste 90 minutes a night on this.

The thread on the other hand - so nice to see some BBBA Royalty back with us.


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Talking of which presumably as some Home and Away stars had to quit due to a vaccine mandate it's almost certain being vaccinated would have been a requirement for entering the house.
Of course. But being fight club we shouldnt really be talking about it.
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