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Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 4 Discussion (2 May, 7pm) - Surprise Week

If one HM could re-enter tonight, who would you pick?

  • Max

    Votes: 4 6.3%
  • Lillian

    Votes: 20 31.7%
  • Renata

    Votes: 39 61.9%

  • Total voters

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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Carlos, don't point, it's r00d!

... n katie, she's still in yesterday, aye?
...hey derspatz... long time no see... good to still see that you’re still hanging around... hope that everything is still going good for you and your fine lady... cheers.


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Me when Tilly was listing all the facts she's absorbed about the HMs while pleading her case:
Exactly, her whole “bimbo persona” is a fake ploy to play the game. All of a sudden when she’s at risk of going home then she shows her true colours. Very disingenuous, like just be yourself.

Daniel can be a dick, but at least he is honest.


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So what was the "surprise"?

Guessing "surprise week" will actually just be one small surprise in one episode - and probably a predictable surprise such as a fake eviction or the intruder arrival.

Probably 'The Attic' which is being advertised for tonight.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Just watching last nights episode now.
I do wish they would put their names up, I'm having to stop to look up who's who!
Marly seems like a decent human being, working with handicapped children.
SJ with her leg over her shoulder casually saying, I'm just having a stretch, was pretty amusing. She seems to be holding her own amongst the young ones.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I actually got excited in that challenge and wanted the blue team to win.
Going to have to watch the 2nd hour before tonight's episode now.


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Marley and Christopher really should have spoken up in the nominations.
in an attempt to hide their alliance, they weakened it. Tilly probably out of the alliance now (firmly with Daniel) and Michael gone.