Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (28 April) - Drawing Battle Lines

Will the evictee be from the Initial 10 or the New 8 Housemates?

  • Initial 10

    Votes: 31 67.4%
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    Votes: 15 32.6%

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Lightning McQueen

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This is where pre-recording it is so wrong. Even Survivor I think largely holds out from providing interviews with the cast until they have been eliminated, but of course Seven put up their golden boy for an interview, and of course their golden boy thinks he makes some brilliant moves.

There is absolutely nothing "shocking" about reality TV moments when they are promoted as "shocking" before hand.
They also have a habit of putting the winner out to do promos and stuff throughout... It seems we know who the producers want as the winner...


Never again
If Daniel is the only one making interesting moves on the show then I'd rather he win then someone with a boring sob story who just coasts to the end and does nothing.


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It wouldn't have killed them to nominate Daniel, hahaha.

They possibly think keeping Daniel may eventually help them long term. Keeping a bigger threat keeps them out of the limelight for other players. Also may potentially see him as an ally later through, if they weaken his team enough he'll eventually become desperate for allies where they will be there if they decide do. By also weakening his team and leaving him there he is an obvious threat to other housemates to nominate in place with them. Maybe it's not always smart to rock the boat initially, but to rather weaken a threat and leave them as a guaranteed nominee for other housemates later on down the track.

Spectator O.O

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Tilly is fake AF. I'm just catching up on last night now and you could tell she was faking her ditziness when she pretended not to know what reception meant.


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I don't know if I could stay in the house if a family member was dying.
Well, I'm not sure where she was from and if it was possible to even travel from Sydney to there (due to lockdowns etc) at that time, so it's hard to judge. When was this? October? November?


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I don't know if I could stay in the house if a family member was dying.
Oh, just dying - from the earlier comments I assumed she had died.

It all depends on the situation - would you be more pissed off missing their final moments or missing out on an experience of a lifetime only for the "dying" relative to end up outliving how long you'd be in there.

I think most relatives on their deathbed would rather those around them experienced life rather than their death.


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There is absolutely nothing "shocking" about reality TV moments when they are promoted as "shocking" before hand.
'People over the age of 70 should watch, parents should lock their kids up under the age of 12 because it's going to make some of the episodes of MAFS look like Sesame Street'.

Orrrr..... They could edit the hell out of it and show us may be 20 seconds of tension. Like wasnt there supposed to be a big blowup with tears and everything last year when Kieran was found out trying to throw Garth under the bus? and IIRC we maybe saw about half a minute of embarrassment on Kieran's behalf and that was it?

But It could also be more like the argy bargy in this latest episode OTOH....


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I just hope that those who are not fake end up winning the show. Because nothing worse than someone who hides behind an alias of fake niceness just because they think it might benefit them when it actually doesn't. Like for example, let's say there was a housemate who was really into the beach, and another housemate who is up for nomination, that wasn't into the beach but something different. Like let's say....I don't know....nightclubs. And the person who doesn't like the beach pretends to like the beach just so they can get the beach lover on their side. But before nominations the beach loving housemate overhears how the other housemate much prefers nightclubs and hates beaches after coming second in a rigged sandcastle building tournament from when they were younger. So the beach loving housemate gathers enough housemates and they vote off the fake nice person.
Haha. Gold Coast person. Nightclubs and Beaches.


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Bit behind, watched episodes 3-5 tonight.

Almost wanted to vomit when Katie was saying "c'mon do it for Nan!" when she had entirely selfish reasons for Jess to win.😑


I almost wanted Melissa to start putting Jess off her game saying "c'mon Jess, pressures on you better not let nan down with this!" That's how farcical the nan punchline was getting. Then afterwards she too could say "oh I didn't mean it."