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Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 22 Discussion (8 June, 7:30pm)

Should "revengeful" be allowed as a word?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 11 28.2%
  • Mixed

    Votes: 15 38.5%

  • Total voters


One alliance has the numbers, the other the challenges. If the Danny alliance doesn't get rid of Marley and Tilly next, they're dafter than they look.
Spot on, why is Danny acting like the Foreign Secretary and being diplomatic, pisss!!!! you now have the numbers to oust Marley, just do it, PLEASE!!!


It was win win win with those three dullards up for eviction.

This new way of playing by taking it in turns to sacrifice one of your alliance does my head in. Play your own game.
Why is Danny pussyfooting around with Marley, the remote is coming close to being thrown at the TV., it's now becoming very grating.

D Space

Well-Known Member
Just caught up with this episode tonight, Monday and Tuesday were reserved for the excellent Celebrity Apprentice. It has great bitching scenes and they are not afraid to call a spade a fucking spade. I wish they would get their producer in, as well as boot off Sonia, im sorry all you Sonia lovers but she does the show no justice. She is just “nice” and plain and simple. A new host could lift the show to another level in my opinion. Bring back Sandilands even! lol

The sound bytes are another annoying facet of the show. They are sitting in the car screaming and then their confessionals are telling us in the present tense how they don’t think they can manage it and some producer fed lines….. Is this reality tv cameras on the contestants 24/7 or is this producers pushing their weight all over the contestants for a narrative?

Give us 5 hours of unedited footage of them crammed in that car (even members only) and I might start taking the show seriously. Right now it is a laugh and a humor show for a few frontal lobe braincells.

Celebrity BB will be fun because celebrities come wuth huge personalities so that should actually be pretty fun. I can deal with that. But what we got now, I don’t think I csn desl with too many more seasons in this format.