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Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 21 Discussion (7 June, 7:30pm)

Who will be evicted this week? Pick THREE. Although I doubt three will go.

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I'll leave you with something worth watching x



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Haha I don’t follow the footy at all. I should this year because somehow the clients at my work got me to run the tipping comp.
nah just catching up with a mate who is an AFL fan so also doesn’t have any plans haha.
What sort of New South Welshman.

I'm sure your positivity will be missed Wednesday.


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That's because it's all been on Daniel. Like Mary could have had a killer ventriloquist act but it wasn't shown because the producers wanted more Daniel.
This is true.

Danny is someone you love to hate, truly hate, or enjoy watching him play


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So Daniel said Mary wasn’t actually part of the deal? I can’t be bothered going back and rewatching but what exactly was said? Who was ‘part of the deal’ ?