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Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 20 Discussion (2 June, 7:30pm)

What is your favourite supermarket?

  • Coles

    Votes: 16 31.4%
  • Woolworths

    Votes: 19 37.3%
  • Aldi

    Votes: 12 23.5%
  • IGA

    Votes: 4 7.8%

  • Total voters


Yeah, Nah.


Priestess of the Goddess
Awesome site donor
Extremely limited product lines and over inflated prices!!!
Is it the community / local business support that makes it worth your vote?

The reason for my IGA vote is that I have no choice...it is one of two supermarkets in my town...the other one is a Foodworks or something and is yuk!
I shop at Woolies when I'm at the beach and am awestruck at the range of items available.