BBAU 2014 HMS: Tullys or Tims?

The new housemates majority of

  • Tullys

    Votes: 12 16.0%
  • Tims

    Votes: 63 84.0%

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Why those 2 in particular? I voted Tim because I don't think Australia could handle the sound of wailing in unison.
there will be a LOT of game players in my opinion which would be great... but who knows they might have a whole new angle they are going for


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Neither. Something fresh. Well definite not Tully cause that would suck and definitely not Tim cause there will never be another Tim

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Neither tbh. I'd rather see a brand new completely original bunch. Something different.


Really hope they do something similar to the Hayley & Andrew thing from 07 except maybe with a different kind of relationship... father and daughter maybe? Brother and sister? Where the two have to hide it from the rest of the housemates.

AND more than one gay dude from the start. Or none. I'm sick of seeing the 'token gay' housemate cast every year, it'd be nice this year if one of the showmances could be between two dudes or two girls.


Please just never again more Tullys
I cant handle the crying


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Neither tbh. I'd rather see a brand new completely original bunch. Something different.

Similar sentiments here. It's always great to see some personality traits I've liked about previous housemates return in new housemates, but what I love about Big Brother is showcasing and celebrating personalities we've never really seen before. My favourite housemate is usually the one who is honest and shows us everything they've got, flaws and all. Out of the housemates who do show all of themselves, it's up to me to choose who has the most endearing character traits. I think this year's final 4 did show us who they were and I found all four of them endearing; yes, even Jade.

Here's hoping for an amazing cast in 2014.


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Kinda bizarre question. If we were having an all stars season I would love to see Tim return.

In terms of similar characteristics, who knows. Depends on the other cast members. I think they did a great job this year of having a bunch of interesting and unique individuals.


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As much as I loved Tim, I definitely wouldn't want a house full of a majority like him either.


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noooooooooooooooo tim types or stupid sugar sister types
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I honestly think Tim has now completely destroyed the current concept of Big Brother... Every single person of Big Brother's past; has done so secretly what Tim done so openly... There will never be another Tim... So it looks like Big Brother is now going to have to come up with a completely new concept or just become a complete failure! The whole point is... Tim is Big Brother!


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You need a bit of both - Tim was entertaining to watch, but Tully was interesting to watch.


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Both, but not a house full of either. You need a good mix of personalities.