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BB2021 Filming

D Space

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Are we going to find out who wins:
  • Pre-season
  • First 1/3'rd of the show
  • 2/3'rds+ through the show
  • Won't be spoiled.

Get your tips in now! ;)

D Space

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Looks to me like they’re doubling down on the most hated elements of the 2020 series... I get the impression this series will continue the handpicked storylines, even more ridiculous side challenges, and endless twists. The game/strategy are still just a byproduct of the show being pre-recorded rather than a focus.
Yeah, I gotta say that short looks quite disappointing. Since I heard there was going to be big changes I had a tinge of optimism. That has now turned into despair as all the random effects of pushing buttons and so on is taken to a new level.

James T

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I’m kinda expecting a natural progression of trashiness from Big Brother, much like how MAFS went from a reasonable 5 week series with 4 couples where production’s intentions didn’t feel too questionable to the monster it is now..


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First contestant revealed..? DJ FlexMami

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I think they're using a celebrity the same way they used Daniel Gorringe as a "Celebrity" or Ed Lower as a "Celebrity", mostly anonymous unless you really do know them


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I've heard that theres intruders this series. Actual intruders going in like halfway through the series I mean, not like last time with them entering on Day 4 and Day 6.

D Space

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Good - Iove intruders! It was a dumb idea not to have them.... But then it wasn’t in the Survivor script so not a massive surprise in retrospect lol!


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So, filming has been underway for almost an entire month now and there's really been no leaks from the set?

I'm surprised / impressed.
This is what I was going to ask and I saw your comment. So they're actually filming, so HM's have been chosen then and all that fun.

I kinda want the HM's to leak, and I hope they have some good looking males.. cos we need those in our lives, on our TV screens.