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BB2021 Filming

Will McDougle

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But weird they didn’t take any shots of the giant new shipping container structure next door? Also if all we’re getting it quite literally just a different colour of wood and some new cushions...
Well the Daily Mail said it is expected a complete refurbishment inside, so hopefully some major changes inside, but not holding onto much hope.

the Theorist

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So let's count all of her shows planned next year: Big Brother, The Voice, Holey Moley and she was supposed to be involved with this season's Australia's Got Talent. (She will probably do that as well next year knowing 7)

Talk about Sonia overload!
And the Olympics. She was supposed to be involved in that a fair bit this year, wasn’t she?


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I reckon Big Brother could end up airing twice too, or at least be planned too, with a series at the end of the year as well.

I 100% agree. MKR already left a big hole in 7s summer slot, and house rules, the voice and even AGT aren’t all exactly shows that eat up a lot of space. They’re probably planning on trying out 2 series because of how easily done it is given shorter episode quota for this format.


The SepiaBird!!!
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Is that an arrow in the pupil?
I don’t think the new pupil has been fitted yet. If you look at mistercat122’s post you can see the old pupil laying against the wall below:


the Theorist

Over-thinker. Over-analyser. Over-complainer.
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That's was my immediate question, but click to the second pic. WTF is that meant to be?
Ah. I didn't see the second pic. Yeah, it definitely looks like just the eye covering hasn't been placed back on.

Tad disappointing.


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second structure is a halfway house for evicted housemates, they will be playing their own game
some small changes, some substantial changes to interior fitout
interstate housemates flew in over the weekend, are in quarantine
two night/three day runthrough scheduled for next week, filming starts w/c 19 oct
crew contracts expire in feb, told to expect a three week shoot early new year
detailed site covid plan to ensure filming continuity, no shutdowns this year even if crew test positive