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Barry and Lauren are having a baby


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Well here's a turn up.

BARRY Hall and Lauren Brant have announced they’re expecting a baby.

Hall, a former AFL star, and Brant, a former Hi-5 member, revealed the exciting news in New Idea.

The two first met when they were cast members on last year’s season of I’m A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! but it took a while for love to blossom.

“The way she was portrayed on the show is just not how she is,” 39-year-old Hall said to the magazine.

“Barry thought I was cast as an entertainer,” Brant said, “and he had a preconceived idea about entertainers.”

“She is quite the opposite,” Hall said.

The two parted ways when the reality show finished and didn’t meet up again until June this year.​
Did Barry just say Lauren is boring as bat droppings? lol

Well I didn't see this coming!

Good luck to them though. Would be so funny (or maybe sad or traumatising? Lol) if when the child is older and they stumble upon footage of the show and see how their parents first met and how Dad thought Mum was so annoying. :laugh:
I think it's the sweetest thing. One of the reasons I enjoy I'm a Celeb is we get to see the other side to people I have often hardly even heard of or have no interest in, because of preconceptions, who have a public persona of whatever - tough sports guy or big boofhead, in this case. I became so fond of Barry last year; the thought of him with a little baby to love and care for is really touching. I hope it all works out well for them.
This is really surprising. I thought Barry didn't like Lauren in the camp and she pretty much was telling him to shut up too unless it's my memory playing up.