Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 23 Discussion

Emmett's feet... (CHOOSE TWO)

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Interesting to see that Flick has moved up to 2nd favourite to win in the betting odds, wonder if it means anything....


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This is great, I've hated watching episode after episode where Wai, Hayley and others bullshit about changing their votes but never do. Karma has come back to bite you bitches in the ass :roflmao:

You can't be sheep tonight, you have to engage that jello upstairs and try to work something out.. good luck with that HAHAHAHA :p:roflmao::cool:

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…so Flick is going to oust Hayley instead of George now?… great… then Cara and George turn on her tomorrow night… then those two for the final… fantastic!… cheers.