Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 17 Discussion

Will the former Brawn tribe members get picked off from here on out?

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Firstly heartbreaking for Flick. I knew it was coming as I saw a TV Tonight tweet before I watched the episode but that didn't make it any less upsetting, especially as dementia is an issue close to home. It's also easy to say if it was you you would go home but I think understandable to stay as well, especially as they were a fortnight from the end so the funeral may not be until she returns anyway. Also don't know what sort of inter-state quarantine rules were in place at the time, if any.

As for the rest. The strong reality shows are the ones that have a consistant format with just the occassional twist. Australian Survivor is now getting to the point where BBUK was before it was axed, and The Circle UK to an extent too - the regular elimination format is being messed with so much nobody knows from one show to the next what the rules are and it feels like the producers are making them up as they go along - because they probably are. Only fear now is does it make Flick a no-go when it comes to voting her out?

Was absolutely no need at all for that challenge to award immunity to 5 people. They clearly didn't have 5 immunity necklaces either considering they gave 3 out the other week but only one this week. The Secret Idol was enough of a twist for this episode, plus they knew they'd have the Flick material as well.

As for George - really hope he goes tomorrow as I'm just sick of him narratting every episode. I swear half this episode was just George talking. Fair play to him for returning the favour to Cara, but would much rather have seen some actual scrambling and George and Cara trying to get the votes to evict either Laura or Dani without resorting to an idol, either by working again with Brawn or by getting two of the other three nominees to work with them and one other.

P.S. Ten - someone died. You could surely not promote The Masked Singer for 5 minutes out of respect.