Australian Survivor: Brain v Brawn - Episode 11

How long could you survive on Survivor?

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George thinking that Cara trusts Emmet so going behind her back doesn’t exactly sit right it with me.
Cara played her idol FOR George because of the way Rachel, Laura and others were treating him.
I’m all for big moves and getting Emmett out is a big move, but I think George should have brought Cara into it.


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Kinda don’t want Emmett to leave. I like seeing his yellow skins getting closer and closer to tear apart. But he’s so arrogant but also so attractive. But I also wanna see brawns get voted out so the brains can dominate merge. Rachel getting her intro video today was sus. And same as Emmett getting these promos suggesting George goes through with the blindside.

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…they just advertised cd‘s for ‘Acropolis now’ starring Mary Koustos as ‘Effie’… I’ve met her… one of the nicest people that I have ever met… quite beautiful too I’m pleased to say… cheers.