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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...thanks soooooo much for doing the tipping comp once again Timmy my good friend... it wouldn’t ‘feel right’ if you hadn’t lol!... what’s the bet that I draw my most hated player ‘The Dogfather’ (Matt Rodgers)... I so hope that he/’Dirty Harry’ and Shane Gould go first... they all believe their own publicity the wankers... I’m going for ‘Tarzan‘/David and Nick this year... hopefully I’ll draw one of them lol!... thanks again Timmy... cheers.


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Hans is too busy/lazy to do a draw so instead, I put the contestants into reverse alphabetical order and allocated them that way.

re: Mark/Tarzan, that's the way it appeared in 10's listing so talk to the hand.


We are heavily skewed to Mokuta/Green tribe.