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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 24 FINALE & REUNION Discussion

How will this play out?

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  • Moana + Sharn, Sharn wins

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  • Tom Hanks + Wilson, Wilson wins

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Somehow I Still Believe
About who, Phoebe? I said she "didn't look as thrilled". I was commenting solely on her reaction on the show, as I have said many times I don't look for spoilers or read anything extra until after the result. Whether she and Dave are friends in real life or bitter enemies is irrelevant to the context of my comment.

Or is it?


What a pile of codswallop...David relieved Mo's family of half a million bucks LOL... good illustration of Mo's entitled delusion.
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Not a bad season, mostly enjoyable, but a bit predictable towards the end. Once David found that second idol, it was season over really. Phoebe sharing the idol clue was one of the bonehead plays.
Mo and Sharn couldn't have voted David out, they knew he had an idol, and they knew he'd play it.
Too many that were playing for second and third this time (Mo, Sharn,Tarzan). David was by far the best player and deserved the win.
In what way is Mo an athlete? Seriously. Not even close in the challenges
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Oh, just a random thought on the finale. I'd have expected the urn and votes would have been brought back to Australia for the finale after taping concluded... did they FedEx them to Pags at the last minute so he could read them out from LA?


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Not caught up on all the comments but the right result. David had to win the final immunity to get into that final two, and was almost certain to win in either scenario. Think he was right in saying the experience of being in a jury was actually more beneficial than having previously been final 2 - and Sharn collapsed as much as she did first time around. Moana did play a good game but maybe too quiet a game - and in the edit at least I don't think any of the three of them at the final two tribals made as big a deal as they should have of the alliance of three they formed post merge.

A shame the next season is inevitably postponed but actually that might do the show some good - 3 series in little over a year would probably have been too much.


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The first twenty minutes was boring, but from the immunity challenge it was a lot better. Happy enough with the result.

The winner looked quite obvious from how the final tribal was edited (the emphasis on Sharn trying to deny what she said to Tarzan), so perhaps the editors didn't create that much suspense.

AK did that peculiar offer to Sharn, I'm not sure how much it was just to get a big tv moment or how much to actually make a serious point. I think Sharn gave the answer he wanted, she didn't gamble with rocks before so if she did this time it would be inconsistent. And AK probably knew it wouldn't be likely to make that much difference to the result as Sharn obviously wasn't liked that much. And he may have just withdrawn the rocks offer after she had accepted it anyway, saying it just showed she couldn't argue a decent case.
The rocks thing was the most disappointing episode of the series. Why would AK, Brooke and Jacqui let sneaky Sharn talk them out of the rocks? Just a dumb play. A 25% chance of Sharn going was the best deal they were going to get.
AK - an over rated player, the jury thing just made him look foolish


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Yes, AK has never been anywhere near as good as the game as he thought he was. Fair play though for getting as far as he did.

Arguably the biggest mistake that may have changed the direction of the game was Harry not using his nullification of the vote when Flick was evicted. That gave them the only chance they had of going into merge 6-6 and not being picked off one by one.