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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 17 Discussion


Goodnight all
Interesting Insight on now, about poor women who have defended themselves against brutal partners
And he ends up dead
This poor woman, was being beaten with a friggin iron, he broke her eye socket, her arm, and more,so she stabbed the prick
Good grief, these women survived horrendous monsters they are heroes


Has there ever been a player so protected by their tribe as Tarzan?
I get that he's a nice bloke, but he's a useless Survivor player, strategically and physically.
Yet tonight we get David spelling it out that Tarzan can't go to exile beach because he'd lose. So? That's Survivor. And if he does get to the finale, the poor bloke is going to be shocked when the others point out he was a goat all along.


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Tarzan's game has always entailed being loyal to the point of sacrificing himself, look at his first season.

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...as much as I love my Tarzan and that I want either him or David to win... it really was a strategically stupid move on his part... especially when David still has two idols in his pocket... but hey!... well done David (who as you rightly said Meglos) is the only one left in there that is putting in a decent effort in trying to win this...

...even Brooke that was so strategic in her first season seems to be just rolling with the punches and just cruising along until she’s in danger of being evicted and then starts her ‘tough’ talk to the cameras to impress us all... is a mere shadow of what she used to be in her first season... she was sassy/so sure of herself and ruthless when she needed to be but this time (because she was the next ‘Batchelor’ *SNORT* Locky’s romance dowey-eyed so-called love interest) she has been useless as a player... she has no fight in her whatsoever as a mental OR physical player as far as I’m concerned... she so needs to be the next one to go... even before that useless piece of shit AK/AJ or whatever the dickheads name is leaves (he can be next thankyou very much Producers)...

...and don’t even get me started on Sharn... a Lawyer????... yeah riiiiiiight!... what a brainless floss head she is!... she sat there last night with the immunity idol around her neck... giving the appropriate smug smiles to the cameras and totally oblivious to what was going on around her at all times!... USELES!... totally USELES!... get rid of her too!... please!...

...haha!... you can tell that I won’t be posting tonight because we’re going tonight can’t you lol!... anyway... I’ll leave it there... I think that you’ve all heard enough of my shit by now... have fun posting tonight... I’ll be looking forward to reading you’re comments!... go Tarzan and David!... lol!... cheers.