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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 13 Discussion


Hello. I'm posting from Port Stephens. My friend has gone to bed due to the big weekend we had...so I'm here.
I am still enjoyng it however I don't think we should have had an all stars yet. Much prefer it was new people this season.


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I am guessing Nick went.
Apparently he did. There goes one of my sweeps. My other one is Jacqui. Meh.

Would have liked to have read the thread if anyone could have been bothered posting.
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It was a good episode. I had hoped Nick would survive, but after Harry decided not to use the advantage it was unlikely.
Surely everyone knows by now not to put their trust in Sharn or Lee. Tarzan is just a follower too.


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Awww, I am a Nick fan so disappointed with the result. Not really invested in anyone though. Moana needs to get over herself


Well it was a pity this was the only ep I've missed so I blame myself really. 😂 What a shame though, I hoped Nick had made it to the end.

Nick tried to get David to flush his idol but it didn't work. He did manage to get some votes on Zach, but Sharn and Lee were too gutless to go against David and so voted for Nick, Sharn apologising for it.


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I thought the episode had some interest, though if you didn't like the end result I can see how you wouldn't be so impressed. It was definitely messy with some not so good plays, but still various discussion points.

The pole in the challenge seemed something new, I don't remember that before, and it was quite good, though it did focus as usual on physical prowess. And on the immunity it was a twist on the rope balancing challenge with it no longer being an individual immunity but still in the tribal immunity stage. It was interesting that all of the tribe had to succeed rather than the usual strongest left at the end wins (which is overdone in AU tribal immunities).

The revenge story with Brooke is boring because it does seem more producer led than anything, now hopefully we can move on.

I'm assuming they have to give a contestants clothes back anyway, though they made it seem like it was Harry being nice.

Despite the good edit Harry gets they couldn't really ignore the weird move where he didn't hand over the advantage. let alone him telling everyone on his tribe what the advantage was as well. If there isn't a merge next episode I think Harry could be in trouble next week anyway if they lose immunity (unless the producers drop another advantage).

When the advantage was mentioned earlier it was that it had to played at one of the next two tribals, I wondered if that meant it had to be played and that's what the producers really wanted, so it saved either Harry or Nick. Turned out he didn't have to play it, surprisingly.

Sharn seemed to indicate she very much had split loyalty, even though she voted with the main group in the end she didn't seem to try and give them confidence during tribal.

Dave got a lot of confessionals that made him sound overconfident, that was really the only blindsiding suggestion in the edit for me, Dave fans probably became more worried. Though the idea turned out to be blindsiding his ally (Zack) rather than Dave himself.


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The use of the word "blindside" pissed me off in this episode. Nick knew it was coming, so it clearly wasn't a blindside.