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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 11 Discussion

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...obviously The Pags puts them in the order that he wants to build up the suspense... bye Phoebe!... lol!... cheers.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
Awesome site donor
...well there you go eh?... thanks for the fun tonight everyone... there were quite a few of us on here tonight like the ’good ol’ days’ so it was awesome!... for that... I thank you all... goodnight all... cheers.


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I just read about what happened.

If it was me with the clue, the first termite mound I would have checked was the one closest to camp, where it was evenually found.

Phoebe deseved to be booted.


Very satisfying result.
How do you spell Phoebe? P-H-E-E-B-S
I didn't enjoy Phoebe in the game either time.
However I did feel bad for her afterwards, she seems genuinely broken. She of all people should appreciate that it's a game of manipulation and betrayal. I'm no fan of David either but he's just playing a game, it's not like he hates her.


Somehow I Still Believe
David must be wondering if the all star season was actually on his first season with the amount of foolish creatures he's playing with this time.


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I'm calling it, Phoebe is the dumbest player in Australian Survivor History!

There's been some really dumb ones, so I don't agree on that. Her big mistake was thinking David would would have to go along with her telling Nick that David was gunning for him. David has now formed other alliances and she wasn't aware of the extent of that.

With this tribal I don't think David really needed to show off his idol, though it was funny how it must have played with some of their minds (like Sharn).

The second vote was pretty obvious as obviously there wasn't the extra vote anymore to help tie things
Phoebe wasn't a very good player, but I feel very sorry for her with all those consequent injuries.
The intense physical nature of the challenges really worries me. It should worry the producers too. I'm surprised there aren't more injuries.

David is in a minority position, and will have to scheme like crazy to stay in. It's the main point of interest really