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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 1 Discussion


Team LaPags!
All your faves (and some we'd rather not) ARE BACK on the new Australian Survivor All Stars season. Already? Yes, already!

It all begins 7.30pm Monday Feb 3 on Channel 10.

Look forward to Henry (the fake yoga teacher with glorious hair), David (supermodel extraordinaire), Flick (for the guys) and all the obligatory ex-sports stars (one of which is certainly pre-contracted to win).

But most importantly, La Pags is back! He will not disappoint, his tight t-shirts are packed.


Talk about it here.


Anyone care to guess who makes the 1st tribal weird?
Henry the wanker or Harry the naughty boy, or maybe monkey politics from Shane?


Staff member
Hoping there is a reliable source for these - the one I used last year has vanished.

P.S. Don't those from the last series have a huge advantage considering this was filmed whilst their series was airing, so their strategies are largely unknown to those from the first three Ten series.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...I just hope that Matt Rogers/Shane Gould and ‘Dirty Harry’ are the first 3 out... especially Matt... they all believe their own publicity... I’m backing ‘Tarzan/Nick or David to win this year... cheers.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
Awesome site donor
...I hate all this ‘trash talk’ shit where that say “what they’re going to do” but never do... cheers.