Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 7 Discussion

First animal shot?

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LOL........just saw the add with all the blue buffs

Just saw blue buffs on Andy/Harry/Baden/Dave/Luke


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Now, that my kinda poll! I vote other and think the first wild animal will be a creature that looks like a bit like a muscly neanderthal-like humanoid with snakes under it's skin but wears a t-shirt.


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Not sure if I want to watch tonight. Idiots. Just snuck that crab in as they were looking for it. I honest injun voted crab and cast my vote before it was revealed in that very indelicate way of exposing pants seams, lol.


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Hi ya

Tribe swap should be good. I was sick of watching the champions implode. Hopefully they can bring some moves with them and split up the contenders. A bit of excitement, you know