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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 5 Discussion


Best show on TV currently by a mile

And the Bachelor with brains is going to be fun too
Night all........Pia and David and Janine, so far winning best players


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Lol, I'm so shit at this.

Some thoughts:
- Steven is a massive, arrogant douchebag
- Luke is really just a goof with a good heart
- I kept hearing Pierre when they were saying Pia for some reason until tonight so I was scratching my head as to who Pierre was thinking there was a French contestant I completely missed
- John is an awesome sweep


Someone please explain why Janine thinks David swapping a fake idol is OK. He's just effectively STOLEN what should be her idol, and she cool. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
I had the same thought, both on a personal level and that it seems a pretty morally dubious stance for a CEO to take, where surely the honesty of her "employees" is paramount.
Unless she was just bluffing and is secretly filthy at him and is plotting revenge.


It was very satisfying to see Steven's downfall play out so beautifully, even though I didn't tip him as I didn't think it would hapen quite yet. That's the problem with timing - I know Luke will be blindsided at some point but I've played my cards too early every time, and when it happens will probably be the night I tip someone else.


Luke, respect. I can't stand your voice and the way you carry on but you're ok, really. You have hurdles to face with your family and man, you're just going along and dealing with it. Shit! I'm choking up.
Yeah, he's annoying as hell to watch but has a good heart, I don't doubt that.


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Someone please explain why Janine thinks David swapping a fake idol is OK. He's just effectively STOLEN what should be her idol, and she cool. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
Yep. I mean it was his idea to make and hand over the fake instead of the real contender idol, so he’s earned that one if he wants it. But what value it has to Janine remains obscure. There’s no equivalent trade for it now.


I wonder if Janine is allowed to hand her idol over to a Contender (or play it for them come the merge, but that;s less likely as they wouldn't be a Contender by then) without there being a swap. Technically it should be allowed, if David's transaction was legal. Obviously it isn't as good for her, but she could at least salvage some goodwill out of it. It also depends on whether she's even willing to work with a Contender at all, or is sticking to her Champions Are Better mentality,


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The best moments in this ep were Steve throwing them into confusion at tribal saying he has an idol, and Andy getting held up by his team after the immunity challenge, his practice has worked really well for the pre-merge period to make him a valuable tribe member.

It looked like Ross was throwing the immunity when he was knocking over the puzzle pieces.

They are still doing the introductions for contestants at the start of the episodes which seems a bit strange at this point. The headlines at the reward was similar to what they did last year with the 'champions' tribe when they were shown images from their past. But this time I don't think they have a faker on their tribe, from what I remember.