Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 4 Discussion


i think a man must be going home tomorrow, because I can't see how it could be promoted as a blindside if a woman is going considering four women have already left.
I say it every year, but I am convinced that some contestants, the Champions especially, have never watched Survivor. Anyone who had, would never act like Bradbury or Nova.

Anyway, I'm glad Nova's gone. She was such a bad vibe, you feel it even through the television.


Good riddance to Nova, and may skaterboi follow her soon.
I can't believe I was tipping for her to win until yesterday. You know when you get an idea about who you will like or not... and then they speak and you realise they're toxic.


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Not that surprised, the camera did cut to Nova at a couple of points I think when it was suggested that it might not be so straightforward. Shame my VPN doesn't work and I couldn't say it live, you'll just have to trust me. :D I did think Steve seemed more likely to go, but Nova was the unsaid alternative vote.

Otherwise I don't hate on Steve like some here. He should have been more tactical and kept quiet and probably even targeted Pia or Luke, but I don't remember someone reacting like Abby did on Survivor, it seemed quite strange to me. It was exacerbated by how some of the others took it on.

They are still repeating intro storylines at the start of the episodes, that gave a clue that Steve could be part of the drama coming up, they even reminded us of Sarah's story again before her drama at the challenge.

I try and avoid all previews, even those at the end of episodes. Even if it's the right preview it can spoil too much sometimes.
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This has definitely been an interesting episode. I'm just at the tribal bit to see who's going, and reading all this, I hope it's who I think it is .... or was.

EDIT - Yes! Nova! I took a dislike to her when she ardently defended Stephen 😠

Is Abbey the girl in that controversial kicking photo?
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It's shocking how many of these sporting "Champions" turn into being self-important assholes on reality television. It's really a theme, iconic sportspeople revealing themselves to be absolute toxic waste humans. I'm looking at you, Lisa Curry and now Nova and Bradbury.
Yes, especially the "elite" athletes. Whether they just think they are better than everyone else (something we've seen already and which Abby rebelled against), or that their intense training somehow diminishes their ability to interact socially, I don't know.
The lower tier of spiortspeople (eh. footy players) often seem more down to Earth.