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Never again
Pissed off once again that after a big vote there is zero of the immediate reaction - all we got were soundbites.

Really don't get why Janine's name wasn't even bought up to go tonight - even if Simon is a "challenge threat" and somehow won them all from here on in there is no way he's beating any of them in a final 2 scenario, unlike Janine who unless they vote on financial need can certainly outwit them all at the end. Do wonder though if we're pointing towards a Godmother vs Dirty Harry final two. Indeed at the moment Harry seems the safest of the lot.

When Simon tried to get his too little too late alliance with the boys his target wasn't Janine but Abbey. Which I thought was foolish.


Anyone else sit down to watch Survivor and IT IS NOT ON. How dare they change my Sunday night habit! OUTRAGED 😝

It certainly leaves a gap. I watched AGT and it was no substitute really. Better than The Block though.
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I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I just went looking for last nights recording, and it wasn't there. Hmmm, now what to watch while I do my housework this morning!