Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 2 Discussion


Luke got most of his creepin' and secret base building done in this episode, so he probably won;t be around that much longer once they get wind of it.

I tipped Baden to, but was glad he didn't in the end, he seems kind of nice. His joy at not going home was quite endearing.


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So, David hasn't embarrassed me yet.
I am glad Baden is still in the game but I think Laura would have been interesting to watch. It seems like she would have played hard.
It doesn't look like Andy is pissing off his tribe mates as much as me so I guess he is going to stay for a while longer. Double boo.


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Instant dislike from me due to the boasting about how much better looking than everyone else he is.
Give me plain and modest over beautiful (which I don't even think he is) and vain any day.
Oh that's right! I forgot he said a few cringeworthy things. I guess I meant that so far his is playing well.


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Baden's speech about doing it for all the introverts was kinda cute, anyway glad he didn't go home quite so soon.
That stuff can sound scripted (and the music in the background to it just made me cringe), along with Andy and how machiavellian he's supposed to be. Baden is obviously meant to be Sam 2.0. I do appreciate that Andy is at least a fan of the game, even if we are meant to hate him. But I never like too much guidance from the producers telling me who I should like or hate. Apparently a mafia boss got eliminated this episode lol.


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So... which one is Casey? Did she even make it to the island?
If we don't see her for a few more episodes we can probably assume she's the winner.

That mud challenge looked absolutely brutal. Would have been tough enough on sand, never mind mud. Does get a bit repetitive though the immunity challenges basically being physical obstacle courses followed by a puzzle. Would actually be good to see them flip that occassional - have a few puzzles that the group have to solve to enable two physical players to complete a final physical challenge.

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...great!... thanks for putting me in the sweep Timmy and thanks to everyone for trying to get me a position in it... you really are such great friends... I hope to be able to put some bets in after catching up on the first two episodes this week but life is so hectic for me at the moment as you can understand but I will try I promise... thanks again everyone... cheers.