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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 19 Discussion


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I think Luke said that Simon was too straightforward, or something like that, to be worth approaching on a possible switch from the Champions. That suggests we aren’t losing any gameplay from Simon due to the edit.

I guess if he survives Exile beach, he will have to choose between trying to work with some or all of the new majority or falling back in with Janine and Pia and going along with whatever they try to do. Either way I can’t imagine him being anything more than a number.


Simon is both my favorite person and least favorite player in Survivor at the moment. What a contradiction!

Yes, He's lovely, and hot, but just so boring as a Survivor contestant. I won't feel any joy at him being voted out, but he hasn't done anything to prove he'd be a satisfying winner. (I'm not going to say he doesn't deserve it - it's personal taste. Luke deserves it, but I don't want him to win either because (perhaps selfishly) I don't enjoy watching him). I wouldn't say he's not a nice person though.


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Long time listener ,first time caller here.
Big fan of Survivor but had to say the producer's cut on this episode was over the top.
To show the blindside where there was no blindside is misleading and an insult to viewers like yourself and me.
Simon knew Abbey was jumping ship. Otherwise why would he vote for her ?
I understand where they cut the episode to create the suspense, but this was just too much. And it will only lead to turning off the fans.
Very disappointed . They could've edit it in more honest way, rather then chase a blindside storyline.


Simon......I can't stand him
Hope he loses
He is playing Brian Lake's game badly, most of the footy players do the same thing
They sleep through the first part, then

And as for Janine, fool everybody including you lie their pants off


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They should just shorten the season by two more eps and not have the two non-elimination ep nonsense.
Absolutely - they can easily make up the airtime by adding reward challenges to a couple of the Immunity Challenge only episodes. If the twists were good it would be fine but this season they've just messed with the natural progression of the season and stopped the really interesting moves from happening.

You are right, we don't hear much from Simon. But his actions and his "follow the godmother" personna probably points to there being not much to show, anyway. Likeable, but vanilla.
Simon seemed to forget he was not even on the bottom but outside of that alliance pre-tribe swap and even now was just ignored when he was prepared to flip. Although I think this vote showed Luke and Abby to be closer than perhaps we realised up until then it was apparent the Champions tribe was an alliance of three and then Luke and Simon. The offer was there for Simon to work with the contenders and potentially be a pair in an alliance of 4, so of no real disadvantage in the final stages, but he was too dumb to take it.