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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 18 Discussion


Staff member
Did think something like Exile Beach was coming this week, especially as there is always at least two non-elimination episodes and we're now in the final stretch. However once again it feels like shit timing, though any flip happening in the end seemed unlikely tonight, though Simon was definately up for getting rid of Luke.

The twist makes it almost certain Harry will be the target tomorrow, and if he goes and comes back that's fine by me. Would be a waste really for Daisy to return over him (or Baden), but she's probably the stronger competitor. I did wonder though if Harry threw the reward challenge as he didn't want to risk being away from camp for the night.

Only chance really of an upset now is Harry or Baden winning immunity tomorrow and the other finding an Idol - or at least convincing the others they have an Idol. Simon and Luke have certainly realised too late they need to be voting against the three rather than for the three - think they'd be in a much stronger position moving forward if they'd done that.


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Gotta say, that was mighty suspicious, Janine winning. It would be one strength test I would think the men - and especially Simon - would dominate. Maybe Abby. Def not Janine. Who checks the weights in those bags?