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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 17 Discussion


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Luke voted Harry. No idea why as if he had just gone for John it would have avoided the 4-4 tie between John & Abbey.
Maybe a backup plan in the unlikely event Daisy played her idol for John, or is that crediting Luke with too much forethought?

That still wouldn't make sense because it would mean Abbey going home, not Harry.


Luke told Baden they were going for Harry, keeps things sweet with Baden, and they can keep up their secret alliance


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Usual bad gameplay on this, target Abbey instead of the godmother, and then easily give in to comments at tribal and play idol for self. On the US Survivor people have gambled more and gone after bigger targets.


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Don't know what to say about tonight's results except, thank god Harry and Baden survived, and hopefully they can turn it around. If that means working with Luke and keeping him around, so be it.

Baden is very impressive.

Baden said he'll just play the middle, hoping others take him as a goat to the end.

but really Daisy had no choice but to play it for herself.

I totally disagree.