Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 16 Discussion


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Guys, I liked Dave too, great character, but the game goes on, still plenty of big moves and backstabbing to come, strap yourselves in, this series of Aussie Survivor is the best yet, it is rating its arse off for Channel 10, they'd be thrilled too, I won't be surprised if the Block soon gets beaten
I agree. Dave dominated the game and tv time, so now we get to see what everyone else has in them. This season for me is the best so far and I am enjoying it immensley.


Great episode, great result.

Nice double-bluff with the Daisy stuff. When she took Luke aside we were meant to think she was spilling the beans, but it was probably a "Who are we voting for?' "Harry" exchange. (Harry rather than Daisy to her face, but they went through with it).

LOL at palm frongs.

Best line of the episode : "BADEN FINDS HIS BALLS".
I will miss David and his constant evil side eyes and camera winks. He'd be a lock for a return in a BoringPeeps vs Villains scenario. Let's hope so. He was a pretty great villain really really ridiculously good looking person. Appreciate!


So where to now for Luke? I'm not a fan but he made a smart decision tonight not to show anger at David's exit. Maybe he'll try to assimilate rather than seek revenge. I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't be as hard as you'd think to drive a wedge between Pia and Janine.


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"Another big player goes home tomorrow night!"

I guess that means either Luke or Janine or Pia.
Gotta agree that Simon's playing a great game, he could last a whole lot longer.
Baden I adore, for the reason that I'm a fellow introvert, why I loved Sam last year too.