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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 16 Discussion


and I guess Pia hasn't had the camera shoved in her face episode after episode like David has, so we've had enough of a breather from her. instead of david where's it's full on with him.


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David has lost the plot, he forgot to keep charming people
I have read that more than one way. He forgot to keep some of the charming people and he forgot to keep charming people so they'd do his bidding, lol.


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It's less 'offensive' though, if that makes sense. David looks a bit creepy too and they don't. It's his eyes. They're sly.
I don't want to concentrate on looks really. The edit is more against David, mainly by other people saying things about him. Whereas nobody has been shown saying a word against Pia, though I'm sure some people have said things.