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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 22 Discussion


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I have been watching that instead of the last 30 minutes of Survivor which I will watch after this show has finished. It has been compelling viewing.
For those who are watching:
Really Compelling viewing. Go Back Live has just finished. All the media personalities and ordinary people participating in this show are very brave. And that unbelievable moment when that man was finally reunited with his family after waiting for them every day for 3 years. If it was a commercial channel I would be very suspicious that they finally reunited while this was airing but this seemed to be the real deal. At the end of the episode each couple were told what they would be doing tomorrow. Gretel and her partner will be travelling like the refugees on a boat. It kind of reminded me of I'm A Celebrity where they tell them live at the end what they have to do for the tucker trials. Big Difference though that this stuff is important, life threatening and not for our entertainment. Jacqui Lambie and her partner will be going back to a dangerous part of Syria. She is incredibly fearless with her whole attitude of life and death. Probably largely thanks to her military experience. She is definitely giving this experience a red hot go.

About to watch the rest of Survivor now. ✌


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So Brian was trying to split Shonella apparently, it was just a wild theory before but it was the only way to reason it. But still a terrible move. This episode was much better because there was better play.

I still prefer Shonee to win (and have since Benji left). Sharn has picked up idols rather too easily and was so easily conned by Benji. While it's nice to see an older person like Shane doing well I think the edit she gets overstates her case. Even in this episode she needed guidance to act worried, too little too late to stop Brian playing his idol. Shonee was the one suggesting that Monika could be a target if they were worried about Brian having an idol. Brian didn't act worried enough (ironic considering he brought that up with Shane) but he also alienated one of the few allies he had. He seemed to decide on winning immunities to get to the end along with his idol. But he didn't win this immunity, which was a good one, I like how fire was incorporated into it. Much was made about taking Monika on the reward but Brian's big mistake was the previous episode. I mentioned in an earlier thread about the possibility of the three Sh's getting to the end, and it's funny seeing them also notice that similarity in their names.


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Puh-lease. What a load of BULLSHIT. That's just Brian trying to save face. He just wanted to 'pleasure' of writing down Sharn's name and sending her home.
If he just wanted that pleasure he could have got a different two to vote for Sharn so it would have included himself.


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Yep that confessional was more for the viewing public and to save face and make himself not look so stupid.
Yep his reaction when Sharn pulled out the idol and Fenella got voted out wasn't the look of someone whose plan just went perfect. If it was intentional, he would have been looking smug and winking at the jury, to make sure they know he masterminded that.

Also after saying he did that intentionally, he forgot about his lies later in the episode and has since talked about how much he wanted Sharn out again.