Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 17 Discussion


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And if he does play his idol correctly he's building an even bigger resume for himself so hopefully that means everyone will finally know how important it is to prioritise voting him out every episode until he's gone.
Yes, but sooner is better than later so maybe they can find a way to blindside him so he doesn't play it tomorrow.

Mr Stickyfingers

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"Voted Out Mon: Fenella" according to your tips message.
...hahaha!... sorry Timmy my friend... in our PM I was looking a page one and saw that I had picked Mat but when I looked just then I realised that there was a 'page two' and flipped it over to page two and... you're right of course lol!... as Maxwell Smart always said... "sorry about that Chief!"... lol!... cheers.


...why can't these people realise what a little snake that Benji is?... how come that they are so blind to his antics?... are they all just quite stupid or something?... cheers.
Apart from Shane, I suspect they are. I would include Sharn in that after tonight's foolishness too.
All my hopes are pinned on Shane taking them all down, starting with Benji.
I was even with her on being the only one disgusted at Brian and his "banter" with the young girls.