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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 15 Discussion


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Commiserations @Affable! 🙁

I liked Robbie for obvious reasons 😏 He was a decent guy though and I was rooting for him... That is not supposed to sound rude by the way. 😔

I tipped Robbie for immunity tomorrow as well so there goes more points down the drain. I'm not even top five anymore. THE OUTRAGE.


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The tribal council gave very strong indications Robbie was going just by the desperate feeling you got from his remarks, so it wasn't quite edge of the seat stuff.

I'm not sure Sharn made the right decision with the dilemma task. She didn't need to win immunity and doing so just put a bigger target on her. She would probably have got suspicions anyway, but getting a larger amount of vegetables may have appeased that somewhat. She didn't have to go of course, she could have refused, I didn't understand the reasoning sending her exactly.


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Honour isn't really the issue here, blindsides are quite normal and logical if you don't want someone coming after you. In this case it was seemed obvious to most who was the target so that's likely why he admitted it. So I think the tweet was more for casual fans. Mat's paranoia has been good for stirring things up and keeping it more interesting than it might have been post-merge.


According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Robbie is "just good friends' with intruder Deanna from the Bachelor, they've known each other for 15 years and did swimming together, and she applied for Survivor too.