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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 13 Discussion


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If that (the Monika chat) was meant to be a misdirection the episode didn't sell it at all. It was always Robbie v Heath (I'm never going to call him H).
Right. It didnt work and there was NO way Lydia was voting Robbie and his sixpack abs out so that only left poor Heath.


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It's pretty rich considering that, imo, she (along with Monika and Fenella) contribute the least entertainment-wise to the show.

I find Fenella more likable than Shonee and Monika. When I first saw Fenella I thought she just looked like a Fitzroy hipster or manic pixie girl but she's actually a little battler in challenges and has an upbeat and down-to-earth personality.

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Episode 14 discussion!
Ooops, too late.
At least we're back :)

...who the?... how the?... where the?... why the?... what the fug?... yes thank god... we are!... that's the main thing Meglos... I was having twitches and spasms and palpitations when it came to posting Live on here tonight... posting Live on here is like an addiction for me lol!... oh well... bye Lydia... R.I.P girlie... obviously the guys dicks on the Champions team must have shrunk each time that you outlasted them in each challenge lol!... it must have been stripping their feelings of masculinity from them obviously lol!... it should've been either Mat or Benji that should have gone tonight but what the hell eh?... as you said my friend... at least we're back!... woohoo!... cheers.


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Shane kind of had a master stroke with suggesting her. Far too strong and Lydia knew it. The men are older than her which sometimes can mean a lot or nothing in the strength department. What was bugging me was not recalling who I voted for.