Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 12 Discussion

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ABC Catalyst, on now,half over, is about time travel Doctor fans
...they're all basically saying that we humans will probably NEVER be able to Time Travel kxk... perhaps we never will... but Gallifreyans will be able to!... are they all idiots or what?... lol!... we'll just steal their technology rather than try to invent it ourselves as Humans always do lol!... Time Travel as being impossible?... ha!... those Silly Billy's!... lol!... cheers.


The whole "Champions have to stick together" thing is really annoying. The Contenders have no loyalty to each other, and while it makes some of them (especially Benji) really shitty people, it makes sense to abandon old tribal lines and just try to form a team with the best and most trustworthy players (then work on getting them out later).