Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 11 Discussion

I am living for Samuel, my favourite from the start.
I near fell off the chair laffing. If they make the merge he's going to screw with Benji's head. Samuel must sense some underlying weakness. I wonder if the contenders have discussed what Samuel could possibly be a "champion" of, and maybe have no clue. Because I bet any money Benji probably thinks that he himself rightfully belongs on the Champions Tribe.

I would have liked to see Benji split from his muscly dream boyfriend Robbie, but alas that wasn't to be.


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What?? Brian and Jackie didn't even vote the same way?
I honestly don't get Brian. He seems to be playing a totally independent game yet managing not to be on any hit list!?

Can we talk about Samuel trying to mindf**k Benji? I'm so here for this.
I'm watching now and I have just seen that. Sooooooooo creepy and HILARIOUS.