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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 21 Discussion


Team LaPags!
I have enjoyed this season so far, but I do think there have been too many contestants there to make friends and not play Survivor. I genuinely question whether some of them have even watched the show, like ever. It's quite possible we are moving towards a winner who hardly played the game, which sucks.

And amazingly, I think Pags has been good. He was initially trying to clone Probst, but has emerged into his own vibe, although I hate his questioning style at tribal. It's too intrusive and too focused on trying to get people to slip or reveal their plays. And the fact that he's hotter than all the contestants helps too, ha!

Have to admit I lost interest pretty quickly in the latest US version, it started to feel like I was watching episodes of 90210. Will have to give it one more try, though probably after the AU version ends.
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