Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 21

What will happen in tonight’s show?

  • Whoever is voted out will be saved with a ‘twist’

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Gronk produces second idol. Everyone looks shocked.
Josh may be suspicious that Jordie has the idol and is playing him by insisting that Gronk has it. And ofc Jordie has pushed that line hard. Paranoia would get to you. Who to believe?


I'm worried for Jordie, His winning is the only thing that could save this season.
But he's hopeless at puzzles, and people like KJ are starting to realise that after Mark, Jordie is probably the next biggest threat.
Ideally they'd get rid of Josh, but he isn't likable, so it might make sense to keep him around for the final tribal council.


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Glad Dave went in the end. We'd have been rid of the Gronks ages ago if it weren't for him.

No surprise they spoiler the second idol in the promo. I think though we are getting to the point where keeping Gronk as someone who'll struggle to get votes at the end is a play, but perhaps a bit too risky yet. However I've little respect for people getting through based on idols, and even idols and immunity only, at this stage of the game. Appreciate those who divert the votes in another direction more and only win immunity when they need it.

That said is that idol now back in play? Guess I'll find out when the latest episode becomes available.