Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 20

What will happen to Survivor?…

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…boy!…didn’t you both hit the nail on the head… and… the Americans got it right… up until a point… with the description of her being a ‘BOSS BITCH’… it would’ve been a perfect description if they dropped the word ‘BOSS’ and put in ‘LYING CHEATING IDOL STEALING’ before the word ‘BITCH’… oh well… they almost got it right God bless them… cheers.
Maybe the yanks actually mean she's a bossY bitch... :bawling:

I don't usually watch jury villa, but did for her exit.. and I love how frosty everyone was too her and that Jordan got stuck into her a bit...

I hate how green Jesse is so green and that he didn't fire up at her though. I mean if it was me & my brother was still in the game - the questions I would have been asking her is:

1. You said you would play if for Jordy if he needed it, well - Why didn't you just give it to him, because you snaky slimy pond scum stealing witch - you said you would keep it safe for me (& then knowingly blindsided me) so obviously you know I would have wanted him to have it &

2. You said you would use it for him ???? So why did you vote him out??? Because you are lying now, just like you always do - we are not even in the game now & you're still lying..

And then refuse to hug her and walk off repeatedly stating what a lying bitch she is....

She still has the nerve to tell Jesse that she will beat him in the final questions thing ... It just shows you how weak minded Jesse is, that in itself would have made me fire up - for gods sake Jesse , your brother is still in the game & he needs you in the Jury to nail Sam & Mark to the wall in as much bad light as you can possibly create so that the other jury members see what a bad choice voting for Mark would be...

I hope Mark doesn't win it, I would love him to be in the final 3 and the jury just hammers him about both idols & states that it was a bad move NOT a gold move like her stupid wife is suggesting...


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God, the Sam Jury Villa was even more excruciating than I thought. To be expected though when you double down on being a bitch. That's what you get when you're quite happy to say, in hindsight, you've made the biggest move in Survivor history, and then continue to lie about it and never ever own the move. Usually I think you just leave it in the game and everyone should move on but in Sam's case I make an exception - she deserves pretty much all the heat she is getting, as does her other half.
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