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Episode Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 18

…hahahahaha!… Michelle goes!… sucked in you dumb bitch!… she’s probably wondering… “why me?”… it’s because you are one of the sheep you dumb bitch lol!… cheers.
… now it’s finished… thank fuck for that!… nite all… thanks for participating… cheers.
…it doesn’t matter who wins the challenge… them moving back into camp will have absolutely no impact whatsoever so it doesn’t matter… cheers.
…”both the women have 2 balls each!”… pretty much sums this season up doesn’t it?… cheers.
…so now Jordie/Shay and Penelope Pitstop are back in the tribe now eh?… big whoop!… yeah yeah Jordie… we’ve heard all of this shit before mate… nothing will happen as per usual… at last I can finally say… thanks for the chats… nite all… cheers.
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At least it is getting a bit interesting now 3 have returned. I suppose the program is for a set number and when you have people drop out for medical reasons this is one way of extending it.

I began watching the American Survivor which is on in Melbourne Thursday nights. lots of changes but they still manage to keep to the 1 hour timeslot.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

The numbnuts alliance are so scared of the Gronks that the Gronks don't even need to play an idol. Hell, they don't even need to HAVE an idol, I'm sure someone would vote themselves out rather than making a move.

Getting rid of Michelle must be up there with KJ in eliminating the least threatening person imaginable.
He is the male version of Angie Kent.

Would go to the opening of a fridge or envelope.
I had to laugh at Sunrise today.
You know how they have two 'media' people via satellite (usually Hinch or Gretel) to comment on important issues?
Today one of the "experts" was Angie ****ing Kent.
I swear that KJ & Shay will vote with the 6 and get Jordie out, because they will be told too by Sam or Josh... Then the next 2 tribals they'll be out..

What a load of crap tonight was AGAIN... yeah, lets force an idol out.. then at tribal Juice-less Dave virtually assures Sam she's OK WTF..
I'm seriously considering turning the dial... this is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING :cool:
Thanks Mr Sticky for starting and keeping the thread alive!!! So funny as per usual and you keep the fire burning !!!

Sorry I can’t join you, we are in Qld so can’t watch in realtime and my partner would kill me if I kept checking my phone instead of commenting to her lol

This is absolutely devastating and makes me so freaking mad that I want to go kick doors in… The stupidity of this little slice of humanity is un fucking believable. The gronks have two idols and not one of those nimwits could at least be valiant enough to put votes on Sam. Just for the game sakes?

Only saving grace will be the now hero of the game Jordie turning the game upside down. Is there even hope now?
…evenin’ all… please feel free to start the threads for this show anyone that would care to start one… your polls have gotta be better than watever I could come up with surely?… cheers.
Sorry as I cant watch live it's unlikely to be me. But thank you for starting today and yesterday's threads. And the poll was good yesterday!