Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 15

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Yeah I’m pretty mixed about what Sam did there. It would have come across better to us the audience if she at least gave us a confessional with her plan to blindside the fuck out of Jessie so that he wouldn’t know what hit him. Why didn’t she fess up to us? Or did Ch 10 deliberately keep that out of the edit?

It could be seen as a masterful move if they had presented it that way to us. But it is lopsided and rubs us all the wrong way, something bad. She will have heat now. Both from us and the jury.

But it is a crutch that will keep us coming back. Much better than boredom. It has at least invested us. How this is gonna play out? I’m just gonna say that I’m happy for that fact. She would probably wanna deactivate her socials for a while tho…… Yknow, crazies out there……


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ooh that was not a nice look for Sam. There was potential for that to be done better but Jesus she has now burnt too jury votes from the brothers, and more to come it seems. That was nasty. But in fairness she was in a situation where she either could help Jesse and piss off Mark her husband, or piss of Jesse and burn him anyway. Either way she kind of had to burn Jesse, she can't really lie to her husband. But still that was cut throat. She won't win now, it's Marks game to lose.


The thing is I don't think it was even a great mastermind move from Sam to get Jesse's idol, unlike, say, if Parvati had done it and told us her plan.
I think Sam genuinely stumbled upon Jesse, offered to conceal the idol, and then got greedy.
Which is worse, as it's a deliberate betrayal of the trust of a kid she had repeatedly told was like a son to her.


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Can Jesse tell them about the idol when he is sitting in the jury area.


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If Mark wins the entire thing, I hope they invest the money & the person they trust with the money is someone like Peter Foster.

Incase you don't know who he is.



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Not sure yet that Sam will keep the Idol. She told Jesse that she would speak to Jordie tomorrow. I am sick of the pace of this show - the American one manages to stick to its one hour timeslot but this is so dragged out. As soon as the person winning immunity has been decided, I switch to something else for half an hour while the Tribal chit chat is going on. Has anybody heard Jordan say more than about 3 sentences the entire time. All focus is on Josh and we hardly know anything about Jordan (or is it just me).


Quoted below is what Samantha Gash says to justify what she did.
I fully acknowledge that she is a pretty good Survivor player. albeit one that has burned herself too much for the jury to hand her the win.
What I don't see is her owning that she seems like a horrible person.
In my opinion, in this horrible world we're living in, a bit of kindness and empathy wouldn't go astray, rather than self-serving, greedy people willing to cast aside morals because it's "just a game".

Hey crew,
As someone who loves the game & is a fan I wanted to share my recent Instagram post -
Jesse Hansen & I were a very tight pair from day2. We confided in each other, strategised, had an equal share in decision making & truly considered each other’s opinion. Come merge game our dynamic & loyalty shifted. We were both reunited with our blood
& those relationships superseded what we had created over the past 26 days.
Although I wanted to protect my relationship with Jesse, it would never be done at the cost of OUR game (Mark & mine).
The moment it was revealed that Jordi had told people about Mark’s idol - it was clear he was playing Josh/Jordon against us & Mark/I against them.
With Jordi wanting Josh out & Josh wanting Jesse out - we were in the fortunate position to decide who we wanted to move forward with.
It became a decision of stable versus chaos.
Jesse & Jordi were unpredictable, bold players that wanted to make moves. It was a strategic decision for us to BOTH vote them out. And given Jordi won immunity, the vote shifted to Jesse.
When I heard whispers that the boys found a clue - I followed them with the intention of (a) knowing if they found it & if so (b) whether they would play it.
When Jesse handed me the idol I had 3 choices as I knew he wasn’t going to play it on that vote:
1. Hand it back to him & let him go out with it - seemed a soft play!
2. Play it for him - which would break the trust of my new alliance (Jordon/Josh/Chrissy/Juicy)
3. Vote him out & keep the idol - savage & risky, but would leave mark & i in the final 10 with 2 idols.
There was no disrespect for Jesse, in fact I had nothing but respect for Jesse & our final exchange highlights that was mutually felt. I owed him the truth & I wanted him to know I did it. Love you Jesse

I’m proud of my move. I am here to play. And let’s be abundantly clear - I am not riding on the coattails of my husband but as a Power Couple that are here for redemption.
Ps: given the full spectrum of feedback I’ve received, lets just say - when men make moves like this they are celebrated as a GOD, why can’t that same praise be transferred to a woman?
xo Ice Queen


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You're not getting all this hate because you're a woman, so don't play that card.
We hate your husband too :)

don't you love it when people attack someone, they person they attack, say it's cause I am a woman or they are racist etc.


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…after ‘mothering’ and ‘protecting’ Jesse throughout this show (in her eyes anyway)::: I find her to be quite callous towards anyone that she has ‘alliances’ with because in the end her ‘alliances’ mean absolutely sweet fuck all to her and the people that she has them with because like a ventriloquist’s dummy she has Gronks hand well and truly up her back manipulating the controls…she completely obeys him at every point… the others that have ‘alliances’ with her will eventually realise this (no matter how thick they are) and will eventually abandon her and not trust her anymore methinks…

…she will be voted out by them at some stage because they will no longer trust her and she has only Gronk and herself to blame for that… Gronk won’t care… as long as he survives… he wants the glory… that’s all that counts… I find both of them to be quite an odious couple… nothing at all to like about them… I hope that neither of them win this… anyone but THEM… anyway folks… have a good sleep… nite all… cheers.
before they both get voted off, I hope one of them votes out the other one .... Preferably it would be nice to see Mark vote out his missus over someone like Josh.. Josh says ya wife has to go, OK ... :)

Like you said, she has taken her wedding vows very much to heart... I shall OBEY....

All this bullshit where she claims to be about to "Make a MOVE" because she is really playing her own game... Oh PULLLEASE, she is so pathetic, Yes MARK, whatever you say Mark... I'd just like to say I don't agree with.... SHUTUP SAM, my boys are the alliance WE follow, not yours, in fact lets vote your alliance out over Shay, Juicy, KJ, Mel etc hahaha You like Kahn - vote him out, you lovvvvvve Jesse like a son, vote him out - write his name down, do as your told....