Aus Survivor: Blood v Water, Ep 11

Who will go tonight?

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…I’m so glad that Croc went… maybe I should have hung around a bit longer to have enjoyed that moment… (the look on his face would’ve been pure gold)… but he should’ve given his idol to Chrissy on the way out though… wasn’t she the one that actually found it in the first place??????… what a selfish prick he was for not doing that!… then again… I seriously doubt that he had the intelligence to actually think of it…(he doesn’t exactly seem to be the sharpest tool in the toolbox does he?)… anyway… they all need to leave Khahn the fuck alone!… I want him to win this!… cheers.
I was waiting for him to pass it to her, watching, waiting, but to no avail... In the world according to Croc, he is all that matters, I think he is so self absorbed with 'his' game that he didn't even give his missus a single second of thought - only to hug her on his way out.. Yes, she did find the idol and he kept it, and deprived her of it, probably so he can forever point to it (as it probably went straight to the pool room) and spruik to his mates, that he FOUND a hidden immunity idol...

& yes @Mr Stickyfingers he was absolutely flawed at being blindsided, his look should be the photo that goes into the dictionary describing the aftermath of a well planned bloind-side :bawling:

I don't think his departure was any great loss, Johnathon would beef him up as an equal adversary when he was competing against Mark in challenges, only to be using that annoying adjective, "Gassed" over & over again within minutes of the task challenge commencing...