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i'd rather buy a book from sam wood, at least he has more extensive knowledge in that area.
I actually agree with that. I would rather buy a book by Sam Wood as well.

Ali's ebook has 40 recipes apparently. She should go on Masterchef as a special guest mentor.


Replace them with people who don't judge the contestants based on how they look.
Or how female they are. Or how young. It should be an even playing field.
I don't think they should *ever* know who cooked what, score it all as a blind tasting.
I have no idea why they are allowed to go around intimidating the contestants and tasting things during the cook.
And asking them just before an elimination what their food dream is, it's another unnecessary audition and is irrelevant whether the judges think they deserve to stay or not.


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They taste things during the cook because it’ll all be cold and awful by judging time.
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